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As I was cleaning my cubicle at work, I realized how many energy drinks I down a day, Why I'm still tired I don't know... I decided to bring them home and throw them in the old recycle bin. The rockstar cans caught my attention for some reason. I thought something fun can come out of this stuff! This is what came out of that thought.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
C:\Users\Pai\Pictures\2007-10-20 Energy Drink Ornament\Energy Drink Ornament 004.JPG
12 Rockstar Energy Drink Cans (at $2 a can, this may take a while...)
Packing Tape (I'm sure Adhesive would work too, but the tape makes them less sharp and spikey)
Scissors or Tin Snips
Thumbtack or a small nail
string (Dental Floss in this instance)
5STARGBLOOD4 years ago
u do no tht they changed the way the star is on most cans now ryte??
poi_pai (author)  5STARGBLOOD4 years ago
Yep, the star is still there, just bigger.
no it turned
I know it's an old comment, but the new star still works, i made one earlier this year, about March time.
secretsoto6 years ago
you inspire me thank you
dont smoke
No one cares about that. Energy drinks could be worse then the cigarettes for all you know!
RonnyK7 years ago
Finally, an instructable after my own heart. I was just about to hop across the street for my daily 2 o'clock diet rockstar...
Don't drink diet things! Would you rather be fat or have Cancer? There is a chemical in diet things that replaces sugar called "Aspertame". It can give you brain cancer!
And Sugar free... unless it's splenda. I'm 10% sure splenda is a bad chemical
poi_pai (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
I'm a pack a day smoker, cancer is already a checked concern for me. Oh well, I suppose.
Wait... you have cancer or you might?
poi_pai (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
I don't have cancer. But I've been smoking for 16 years, so I've accepted it as a possibility.
goobyalus7 years ago
You're probably still tired precisely because of the energy drinks lol
It looks really awesome, man. Good job. If you ever fell on one of these, you would probably die.
This is something you'd find on a ninja's Death-mas tree. "I look forward to sleigh-ing you soon!" :P
Hahaha, wow, that was terrible but awesome. :P
neubaten7 years ago
so you drink sugar free but put away a pack o' camels? you seem to be running on my logic...
canida7 years ago
Looks neat! You should add it to the Mash-Up contest.
tiuk7 years ago
Cool idea, thanks.
cool... 1st