Tracing the energy Ins and Outs through a 1984 V-6 Camaro (Canadian model)
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Step 1: Students of ME 150: Internal Combustion Engines

Identifying and tracing energy flows through many different engines.

Step 4: Preheat Control

Step 6: IN's: Fuel: Choke

Step 8: IN's: Spark

Step 11: OUT's: Work: accessories

Aside from being transmitted through the transmission to the wheels, rotating shaft energy is used to power the alternator, coolant pump, fan, and power steering pump.
Prometheus8 years ago
The purpose of the shown Exhaust-Gas Recirculation valve is to divert a portion of the exhaust gas to be burned again. This not only reduces emissions, but reduces fuel-vapor buildup in the exhaust, one cause for backfires