How to Demonstrate the Energy Of Candy (Gummi Bears Vs. M&M's)

video How to Demonstrate the Energy Of Candy (Gummi Bears Vs. M&M's)
Hyperactive kids, could this be the cause? This demonstration will open your eyes to the amount of energy stored in these little candies.

What you do is melt a small quantity of potassium chlorate in a large test tube clamped to a ring stand. Use long-handled tongs to introduce a Gummi Bear candy to the test tube. The sugar in the candy reacts vigorously with the potassium chlorate, causing the bear to 'dance' amidst bright purple flames.

KristenW7 months ago

awesome i wuv this i really also y wont the pics pop up

BOXHARD7 years ago
Uhhhmmm.... Potassium Clorate can be found in "Ice Melt"... just figured I'd let ya know....
you mean the salt ice melt????!!?!?!?!?!? i used to eat that stuff
j626no BOXHARD7 years ago
isn't that potassium chloride? you know, salts are alkilies and chlorine...NaCl, CaCl, KCl, etc. Haven't had chem in a few years, so please correct me if i'm wrong.
BOXHARD j626no7 years ago
yes, you are right. Potassium Chlorate can be derived from it though!... if ya feel up to mixing some with bleach and giving it a lil boil...
jaehung1057 years ago
i wonder how much energy skittles and candy canes have in them. they're like made out of pure sugar.
try cotton candy!
try a box of sugar!!!!!!
try a box of DYNAMITE!!!!!!!
That would be easier but.............................. its jut not the same.
revised: That would be more easily but, It's just not the same. poo
More easily?
altrobot dunnos6 years ago
Candly Floss is melted sugar!
dunnos altrobot6 years ago
duh -_-
For a simpler method, a pork rind ignited with a propane torch goes off like an incendiary fireball. No hard to find chemicals needed.
great now I just have to figure out where I can buy a pork rind...lol
 If you are serious, most gas stations carry them.
Oh, you mean a fried pork rind...absolutely disgusting...yuk
 I agree, I only buy them to burn them. 
dude! that's sweet! my gummies are the same way!
crazy gummie 2.bmp
Run! Terrorist/freedom fighter gummys with ak's are attacking!
racermix5 years ago
 the jet fuel for the future!
HOLY CACA Gummi Bear Jet ENGINE!!!
Lets consider the mis-information in the video, it trys to show the "energy" stored in the candy, yet that energy is released due to the KClO3 along with the candy. This isn't energy that you absorb when digesting candy.
No offense whatsoever to the creator was mean by the above comment, it was a really fun video to watch .
I don't think the video was intended to quantify how much energy is in each candy, but was intended to show the difference in energy between candies.
unless u drank KClO3 lol
To do that you would need a calorimeter or something set up like one
true, but it was still cool lol
camel flag5 years ago
the video didnt show on my computer

aeronut015 years ago
Where do you get potassium chlorate?
pieman125 years ago
now we know what we will be using for rocket fuel from now on... LOL
If you were to harness all the energy from the gummi bear, you could probably blow up a state or two :D
Wow! That's sick! I wonder if the smoke can be used to power a small steam engine...that could turn a small generator....
Probably wouldn't be very practical, but could be fun!
eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
All I can say is                                                                                                   wow.
my chem teacher showed us how to do that yeasterday
555mst5556 years ago
is it diluted potassium chlorate?
Question... How much of the released energy is from the candy and how much is from the potassium chlorate? I liked the video, but I think that it may be a little misleading unless the energy was released only from the Candy.
*Runs into the ER* Doctor looks at him and asks, "How the heck did you get that nasty hole in you?" You tell him, "THE GUMMI BEAR DID IT!!!"
Oh my... I just got a horrible idea......
hedgiehog6 years ago
possible rocket fuel?
truemirror6 years ago
Gummi Bears could fuel the space shuttle :)
Time for the .... GUMII SHUTTLE or GUMNAUTES!
Kendallkip7 years ago
Gummy bears got nothin on M&M's
he only used on gummy bear against three M&M just think if he used three gummy bears
he used three m&ms and one gummy bear
out numbered gummy bear never stood a chance. alternative fuel source anyone?
akatsuki6666 years ago
oh and ur evil....but that was so awesome and i wached a vid that it broke the beaker! awesome
akatsuki6666 years ago
dude i just found a fule sorce for my hot air balloon lol ty vm
I'll bet that smells wonderful!
wotot26 years ago
Wow... this could be used as an alternate fuel source :)
WOW I think my eyes popped as soon as you put that bear in the test tube
ten more of each you can run a train
we could run our cars on sugar!!!
on gummy bears!! gummy bear reactors!
or coffee or mtn dew or chocolate or even PURE SUGAR!!!
maybe it would react with the sugar in pee , pee powered cars , yippiekayay
maybe we would just have to modify one of the cow milk machines for the men..... though that may have adverse effects...... and modify..... um.......a funnel for the ladies.
at what temperature does potassium chlorate melt?
also I know that sulfuric acid is used to start solid sugar and potassium chlorate. I wonder if in stead of heating the potassium chlorate you could just dissolve it in a strong sulfuric acid solution.
Singler6 years ago
couldnt you get potassium chlorate from the inside of fireworks??
Holy Crap! where do I get potassium chlorate from? Im going to power my car with this stuff.... j/k
Potassium chlorate is not something to play with casually; it has a tendency to react similarly with a number of relatively other common substances, even when cold and not melted. It's not even a completely fair demonstration; IIRC, the decomposition of potassium chlorate is exothermic even without a fuel.
iBurn westfw7 years ago
Still, where can I get some?
westfw iBurn7 years ago
Pyrotechnics chemical dealers sell it. You usually have to prove that you're an adult before they'll sell you anything...
you can use sodium chlorate too , it is sold as stump remover or weed killer
Is it just me or are all the awesome chemicals that involve fire also available as weed killers...?
westfw iBurn7 years ago
It's just you. Some of them are fertilizers instead! FWIW, I've never seen chlorate sold as a weed killer in the US; it seems to be a European thing. (I want Guanadine Nitrate, Calcium Silicide, and some tetramethyl ammonium perchlorate; THOSE are hard to get...)
iBurn westfw7 years ago
So......the difference between fertilizers and weed killers is not only death...but while one results in flaming gummy bears the other results in.....like my house spontaneously igniting?!
A much safer way to do somethin simmaler to this is get, i wanna say aluminum oxide, abd then chop up the m and m or gumi bear and mix it with the oxidzer. STAND BACK FIRST THEN LIGHT you shoul get a nice flame. try adding differnt metqals to the mix also they will produce some fun colors.
might i add: only to be performed in a fume hood (no, your mums extractor in the kitchen is not a fume hood)! :-)
you should fill a bath tub with melted potassium chlorate and dump 10 pounds of cane sugar in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Shagglepuff7 years ago
Rock candy!
biolethal7 years ago
Wow! So thats why I am so hyper! Is it possible to make it into a rocket by focusing the exhaust?
hell yes. read the above comments, it's why you buy potassium chlorate from pyrotechnics dealers. i'd hate to get shot and killed by a gummy bear powered rocket..
throw a twelve pack of twinkies into a tub full of melted potassium chlorate!!!!
you're suicidal much?
sodium7 years ago
Great demo to show exothermic reactions
conrad24687 years ago
we could power the city with a gummy bear plant!!!!!
Isnt a chemical Potassium Chlorate they use in lethal injection?
No, you are thinking of Potassium Chloride, which is a salt. Potassium Chlorate is a powerful oxidizer, which is why this experiment works. Potassium Chlorate is KClO3 and Potassium Chloride is KCl.
Earlier today in (city), a yellow Gummi bear was burned to a crisp in an unlikely accident, while battling M&M's.

Just kidding.

That was crazy how the Gummi bear burned for a long time!!!

Awesome video, I wish I could try it...
We did this exact thing in chemistry 2 days ago!
uguy7 years ago
If that happens in a kids stomach, no wonder they get hyperactive.
Vertigo6667 years ago
I'm gonna have to say the mms were better, although the gummy bear seems to have lasted longer.