Picture of Energy Sword
So you want to make an Energy sword. If you like halo it is fun to have your own boffer energy sword. For those uninformed a boffer is a piece of PVC pipe covered in pipe insulation and wrapped in duct tape. This project took me about an hour but for those new to boffer making could take upwards of 2 hours. I'm sorry there are a distinct lack of pictures but I made this without an instructable in mind. The Total price is somewhere around 10 bucks. I am not responsible from any burn injuries sustained from the water. Let's begin shall we?
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Step 1: Materials

Needed materials 

      6 ft of 1/2 " pvc pipe
     2 6 ft lengths of 1/2" pipe insulation
      Blue, purple tie dye, or aqua marine duct tape
      Electrical tape
      one large pot
      oven mitt

Step 2: Beginning the bends

First mark the center of the pipe. Then mark the spots 4" on either sides of the center. This will form the handle. Fill the pot with water and start boiling it. when hot, start pouring water over the 4 inch marks with the ladle. this could take awhile. Then, once hot enough, begin bending the pipe so it forms an 80 degree angle. do the same with the other mark. don't worry about keeping the handle perfectly straight we will fix this later.

Step 3: The blade

Picture of the blade
about 5" up mark a spot on both ends to bend. bend these points away form each other using the pouring technique so they run parallel  to each other.

Step 4: The handle

Picture of the handle
if the handle is too curved for your liking, simply dip ONLY the handle into the boiling water and flatten it against a table top.

Step 5: Adding the foam

Picture of adding the foam
take the pipe insulation and start shoving it down onto the pipe until it reaches about 2" past the handle. to make it angle back cut of the  ecxess of the foam at an angle and turn it around and tape it back on. do so with both blades. if you  want extra support, place a small piece of plpi in between the pipe and tape it down.
Plo Koon2 years ago
you might try changing the handle a bit; the Energy Sword is made for the Elite hand. Elites only have 3 fingers and a thumb. The protrusion on the handle goes between their 2 middle fingers, and the other 2 curl around the bulge.

Humans have 5 fingers, so it would be difficult to hold it properly.
thats awesome
hanelyp3 years ago
Neat design. But many boffer groups won't allow your handle crosswise to the blade for safety reasons. Look up "punch dagger boffer". Such handles encourage overly hard thrusts.
uberplatypus (author)  hanelyp3 years ago
I suppose that makes sense. I made this for myself however and im not really part of a group, so my friends and i have no problem with this. But I do see what you are getting at. So thanks for the tip.
kylekosan233 years ago
uberplatypus (author)  kylekosan233 years ago
It's a spoon like thing.