Homemade led lamp,made of junk parts like DC adapter,CFL bulb and 1watt led's,you will save your money
<p>Nice idea macbot! Hope you will add more energy saving tuts! As russ_hensel said, great instructable!</p>
Great instructable. One nit: you are dropping the hr from watt hr. This is probably inadvertent but many people confuse the concepts of power and energy. Energy is really what the power company charges you for.
this is a great idea... can u please send all the details to muthukumar.arjun@gmail.com
Mu E-mail ID: nayyaradit@yahoo.co.in<br><br>Adit Pal
Hello Macobt<br><br>It was a nice project . Please can you mail me the circuit diagram along with the parts required and the specification of the 1 Watt LED are the resistors you have used of 1, 1/2 or 1/4 watt.<br><br>Thanking You<br>Adit Pal

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