Engagement Ring





Introduction: Engagement Ring

You will need the following things.


  • precision drill/grinder
  • flex hose for drill
  • diamond cutting disk
  • polishing compound
  • polishing cloth
  • small grind bits for the drill
  • caliper
  • files
  • sandpaper
  • knife
  • tribulet
  • pencil
  • pen
  • stove


  • Silver Clay
  • the gem (in my case Moldavite)
  • paper

Step 1: Measurements and Design

Before you can make a design you'll need some measurements and facts:

  1. First of all you need to know the ring size (this is basically the diameter of the finger the ring is meant for).
    In my case her ring size is 14mm. Because the silver will shrink you have to make the ring bigger then the needed ring size. To be on the save side I used ring size 15.5mm.
  2. How much the Silver Clay you use will shrink*.
    Silver: Art Clay low heat shrinks about 8% to 10%.
  3. How thick you want to make the ring.
    To keep enough strength I had to make the ring 4mm thick.

With these numbers you can now calculate how much silver you'll have to cut:
15.5mm + 4mm = 19.5mm
19.5mm * 3.14(pi) = 61.26mm

*The ring will shrink because Silver Clay is a mix of water and silver. When baked the water will vaporize, so you end up with pure/fine silver.

Step 2: Practice and Cutting the Stone

Cutting a gem is almost the same as cutting glass, therefore some practice could be helpful. I used a old beer bottle. The cutting disk I used was diamond coated.

Step 3: Shaping the Stone

When you have the feeling the stone is almost in the right shape, you can use some modeling clay to make a test ring. This is just to see if the stone needs some adjustments.

Step 4: Making the Ring

Modeling Silver Clay works almost in the same way as with normal clay, only I found it a little softer and somewhat more sticky. I put some backing paper on the tribulet so the clay wouldn't stick too much.

When modeling, don't worry too much about the roughness and the edges, later you can smoothen this with a file and sandpaper if you wish.

After modeling you should wait for at least 24 hour to let the clay dry completely!

When the ring is dry you can retouch/fill up spots simply by adding some extra clay. If you have to you can use a hot air gun to dry the retouches because the rest of the ring is already dry.

Step 5: Baking the SilverClay

Baking the ring takes about 20 to 30 minutes on a medium high gas stove.

Step 6: Polishing

To really make it shine you'll need some patience, but it's worth it!

Step 7: Success!

Now it's time to wait for the right moment...!
I was so nervous words cannot describe... I proposed to Iris in Sumatera (Indonesia), at Danau Gunung Tujuh ('the lake of the seven mountains') and she said YES!!!

Good luck! :)

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    How well did the ring fit her? I'm just wondering about how much it ended up shrinking after you baked it. I know you mentioned that it shrinks about 8-10%, but I was curious about the end result. Thank you! :)

    The ring looks amazing! You did a super fantastic job and you've opened up a new option for those who want to make a ring but don't have to means to metalwork.

    Oh it's amazing, what exact metal clay did you use? i'm thinking of doing something similar and i just want to not get the wrong stuff. Thanks!

    Gorgeous! Quick question though, I'm confused on the constructing the ring photos....specifically third one down....what is it that your doing there?

    1 reply

    thank you! I'm not sure wich picture your talking about, but I guess it's one of those where i'm cutting the stone. i put some tape over the stone in order to draw a straight line :)

    Gorgeous ring! It's really like nothing I've seen before. :)

    that is mighty cool. better than store bought for sure. awesome

    I really like this ring!

    What about that turtle ring? Did you happen to make that too? Because that's awesome too.

    I love this idea so much! So much better than a store bought ring. Congrats!

    1 reply

    :) that's what made me making my own.

    this is really pretty, thank you for the awesome instructable and congratulations!!

    1 reply

    tnx! I did my best :)

    Possibly the coolest engagement ring EVER! If nothing else on principle Alone! But to top it off, the ring is beautiful too! Kudos man... as a woman, I would be blissfully catatonic, possibly for life to receive a a hand made ring by a suitor as an engagement ring... love it!

    1 reply

    That is so nice to hear! thank you very much!

    Really lovely, definitely one of the nicest Metal Clay Silver rings I've seen.

    1 reply

    wow thank you so much, it was my first Silver Clay piece ever, but not my last.

    After working with it I realize it has even more potential ;)

    This is beautiful but tbh when i first glanced at the stone i thought it was a piece of lettuce then i realized it wasnt lol

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    hahaha that would be an even harder chalange

    Really beautiful and unique work --thanks for sharing it with us. You have a vote from me!

    1 reply

    thank you so much!

    This is really cool. I've never seen silver clay before. now I have something new to try. thank you for sharing.