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Introduction: Engine Head Protector

I have been bashing for a while but when i realized that when i flip my truck the engine head kept on getting scrached. This a a small trick some guys at hpisavageforum.com told me. I hope this helps.

You will need:

An RC Car/Truck
A Ziptie
Some Fuel tubing

Step 1: Step 1

put in the ziptie between the openings in the Engine head.

Step 2: Step 2

Slip in the fuel tubing

Step 3: Zip It and Trim It

As it says on the title Zip it and trim it and you are done !

Have fun bashing!

Thank you to the guys in HPISavageForum



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    I know its a little bit of a late reply but at the moment with brushless motors and lipos electrics are at par if not better then nitro. I have converted my Savage to a Flux ( the electric savage ) i play with it much more often because i can use it any ware i please unlike nitro. On top of that the motor has much more power and incredible torque

    Great ible check out my rc ibles too :)

    I have a Savage XL yeah and had a K5.9 but it is now replaced with a LRP Spec3 .28 it is much better and much more reliable then the K5.9 plus it produces much more power as well. 

    how does it put out more power if it has a smaller engine?

    after bashing for some time, the engine gets to 270 degrees F, wont that melt the fuel tubing??

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    looking4ideas is right 270 is wayyyyy too hot. keep it under 250.

    OK.. 1) 270F is little bit hot try bringing the temp down to 260 if u need help i will be happy to trouble shoot with u. 2) don't worry it wont

    Thak's! Very good idea!!! Now I try on my revo! I have rating 5! bye

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    i wish you said I had a tmax I have a bunch of tmax jokes/insults ready :) join my group R/C cars And trucks. How does a stock revo 3.3 run my dad is considering to buy him self one (he just doesn't know it yet)

     nice truck was my first if you want to protect your engine head then get an hourglass head from rbinnovations and a traxxas wheelie bar and thats all you need  mine went 43 mph stock with just those

    On my truck i have a LRP Spec 3 .28 flips it like crazy lol so now i just installed a Roll cage on it and still didnt brake a part yet =) 

    Unfortunately on the revo you can not apply your suggestion for protecting it. the head is not pierced. I hope I explained it. I am not an expert. I have just the revo. A few days ... It 'still a very nice truck and performance, try to see some video. But a good buggy did not compare on a track ... For other application it's a best! Sorry for my english

    YAY i got the 666 view. i'm the devil : D
    oh yea. and nice i'ble :) i've yet to try this cause i regularly beat up my nitro off road. Just today i smashed the front right wheel in and broke a shock and steering shaft. but its only cause the failsafe failed :( and i watched as it drove 20m full throttle into a brick wall. but gud work anyway :)

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    its silicone so no

    surprisingly it doesn't! i thought the same when I first saw this too. the engine doesn't get hot enough to melt it.