This is one of my latest books. It is made of MDF, is engraved with a dremel, and stained with acrylic paint and linseed oil. The design is based on Gothic architecture. The book holds 350 sheets of paper (700 botrh sides). The inside is lined with black velvet. There are screws that hold the paper in place and can be removed to add or remove pages. Al the metal is solid brass.
The design was done using the software AutoCAD, then printed out and glued to MDF board for cutting and engraving
<p>I aree do a step by step</p>
These are great- would you ever do a step by step with materials etc?
very gorgeous
I really like the look of these, thanks for posting. I have forgotten about the ones I made many years ago. I think I will give it a go and make a few more. like the black velvet lining. another nice touch.
with more and better pictures this would be good step by step material

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