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My wedding anniversary is on February 14th, yep Valentines Day. So this year is my 5th anniversary to my beautiful wife, 5th year is traditionally wood for a gift. I made this @ Techshop

I am a member @ Techshop Chandler, and have access to several very cool equipment and tools. So I thought lets laser engrave a cutting board.

I found a graphic with all the scribble words, so in Corel draw I filled a heard shape with the words graphic. Thats how that was done, easy if you know graphic software, me it took several trys.

I setup the laser cutter, @ Techshop, for engraving wood. Loaded the graphic, positioned the board and hit go.

Very cool project and my wife loved it.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-02-28

This looks great! I have been wondering, do you have to treat a wooden cutting board after etching it?

I had that same question, and I found this guy's instructable.

good post!

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