Engraved and Hand Painted Book





Introduction: Engraved and Hand Painted Book

This is one of my latest pieces. It is a book that I engraved and hand painted and is made out of MDF. I used the software AutoCAD to design the book, then printed out the design to glue down to the MDF for cutting out and engraving. I used a dremel to engrave, then went over the engraved bit with gold leaf enamel which really brings out the design.



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    Wow. That looks great. Any details on the binding portion? Maybe a quick sketch of the layout? Would love to make one for my wife.

    If you go to my website here http://www.espie-whitburn-design.com/instructions.html you can see how it is attached

    Beautiful as ever!
    I am always in awe at how will these turn out!
    One question though...
    Do you ever use any other cover materials, such as leather?
    I would love to see that!
    To take your beautiful designs and
    translate them over to leather or
    other book cover materials would be really cool!

    As always,
    Good blessings and happy making!
    ~ Electfire (aka Brefelan Silverpaw)

    Wow! In my old Dungeons & Dragons playing days, I would have given my left fireball for such a book!;-) Absolutely perfect for the Dungeon Master who must have everything!