This is my popular clear flexible Invitation.
Unfortunately, I have to engrave it where I work- and the machine is OLD & SLOW. This is why I hope to win a new machine for myself to use. :)
Quite simply the steps are:
1) Design Invitation as usual in art program with vector art.
2) cut down plastic to size.
3) engrave plastic

Pretty simple. It's the design that makes it look the coolest.
<p>hi, do you still make these? if so, how much do you charge? thanks!</p>
<p>What type of machine, and what type of plastic did you use?</p>
Hi, I do letterpress but I think your invitation is beautiful. Can you do bulk quanties like 100? If so how much?<br>Thanks<br>Stephen<br>sbwheeler39@yahoo.com

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