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This is my popular clear flexible Invitation.
Unfortunately, I have to engrave it where I work- and the machine is OLD & SLOW. This is why I hope to win a new machine for myself to use. :)
Quite simply the steps are:
1) Design Invitation as usual in art program with vector art.
2) cut down plastic to size.
3) engrave plastic

Pretty simple. It's the design that makes it look the coolest.


chi.chi.eto (author)2015-01-26

hi, do you still make these? if so, how much do you charge? thanks!

DIY wedding guy (author)2014-01-14

What type of machine, and what type of plastic did you use?

dprinting (author)2014-01-11

Hi, I do letterpress but I think your invitation is beautiful. Can you do bulk quanties like 100? If so how much?

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