Engraving a Rock




Introduction: Engraving a Rock

It is soon my friends birthday and I wanted to make her something looked good.

Step 1: Find a Good Rock

Try to get a rock that is fairly flat as this will be the easiest to engrave. Also find a stone that is the right size and shape for what you want to draw.

Step 2: Draw on Rocky

For this step I printed off the drawing I wanted and then penciled the outline on the rock. You could also draw it freehand. The outline makes it easier to see where to cut.

Step 3:

Use the right tool for the job. I used diamond headed dremel bits. Which I bought for about £3. I chose the one most sooted to the task and then put it into my dremel 3000.

Step 4: Drawing Rocky

I then used my dremel to carefully follow the lines I drew in pencil. I had to go over some parts a couple of times.

Step 5: Rock and Roll

Finished! After this I tried out lots of different designs. :)



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