Picture of Engraving using a sandblaster and vinyl stencil
I needed a gift for a friend and didn't have a lot of time to make it.  I was at Cost Plus World Market for supplies (for another project) and discovered they sell small flasks for about $7.  I decided that engraving his initials in it would make for a perfect gift.

TechShop San Jose's vinyl cutter and media blaster made this gift possible.

Step 1: Make a stencil using the vinyl cutter

Picture of Make a stencil using the vinyl cutter
Using the Flexistarter software on the PC, I made an outline of the initials. You can use any of the fonts that are loaded on the vinyl cutter PC.  I selected a reasonably elegant font and cut the letters on a leftover piece of vinyl I had from another project.

jumb51502 years ago
DUDE!!!! You rock for making this! It was a very pleasant surprise :)