Picture of Enhancing the Bike-to-Work-Day experience
It's easy to be a bike to work day hero and to improve the ride for many bike commuters.
On Bike to Work Day, I grab my bike pump, chain lube and a few simple adjustment tools
and ride down to my local bike trail or energizer station.
There, I join the fun and set up shop to do quick tire top-offs, chain lubes and bike adjustments for passing riders.
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Step 1: Gather a few simple tools and parts

Picture of Gather a few simple tools and parts
Tools 2.JPG
Tools 3.JPG
I bring just the basic tools and parts:
Floor Pump  with Schreader  valve for most tires
Presta Pump for the other tires
Chain lubes (they vary with preference of rider)
screw driver(s)
Allen wrenches
Crescent wrench (aka universal nut rounder)
Channel locks (aka nut knurler) to adjust loose headsets
A couple of rags

But you could also add:
Cone wrenches to adjust loose hubs
Bottom Bracket tools to adjust loose BBs and tighten loose cranks

And if you want to go in depth you could add:
Patch kit and tire irons
Spare bolts for attaching loose racks, etc
Cable clippers for trimming broken cable housing
Grease for lubing crusty cables
Spare brake cable housing and spare cable

Step 2: Mostly I put a little more fresh air in tires.

Picture of Mostly I put a little more fresh air in tires.
Inflating their tires to the right level makes the ride:
More pleasant
More efficient (easier and more repeatable for the riders)
More safe with better bike control
More flat-tire resistant

And it makes the riders feel appreciated.

I tell them I'm packing a little more spring air into their ride.

I just look at the tire sidewall for desired pressure range and use my calibrated fingers to check pressure.
But you could bring a pressure gauge.

Step 3: I also oil a lot of chains

Picture of I also oil a lot of chains
She looks happier already.
She will be able to hear the birds chirping instead of her chain chirping.

I just apply a thin thread of oil to the top of chain while spinning cranks backward.
Takes 10 seconds and has no overflow.
Then I squeeze the chain with a rag and drag the chain backward through the rag
by spinning the cranks backward to wipe off any excess oil.

This was a great instrucatable!

I love your idea and how creative some of the people on this app really are
MaskMarvl2 years ago
Awesome post... :D
lhsk8r2 years ago
It does not show how to remount your pedals and chani for the one in the description
Woodenbikes (author)  lhsk8r2 years ago
You may be interested in my instruct able showing how I made the Office Chair Bike.

This is totally great! Thank you so much for sharing this on Instructables! I think Push-Your-Car-to-Work Day is pretty great too.