Step 1: Supplies


3 2x6x8 pressure treated boards (~$5each)

~3 inch long wood screws

2 eye bolts
<p>Nice simple design. I have some ideas to make this stand portable.</p><p>Screw the triangle pieces to only the bottom boards (not the long piece so they can be removable), and the &quot;uprights&quot; could have two lag bolts (with washers and nuts instead of many screws). To fold the uprights along the bottom beam, remove one lag bolt so the second acts as a pivot point.</p><p>Another idea is to have only one lag bolt in the lower part of the upright, then have lines from the top (opposite from the eye bolts) that can be staked in the ground. </p>
<p>Time to kick back and Relaxe :)</p>
<p>Great, I voted for it!</p>
<p>What is the distance between the two eye bolts. I want to make sure my hammock isn't too long. </p>
<p>I love the way this looks! I just put up an instructable about how to make a DIY-Eno Hammock, and this stand would be great in my backyard. Thanks!</p>
<p>This looks so relaxing, I'm jealous! </p>
<p>This turned out so nice! Great job - wish I had one!</p>
Well, I'm planning on taking it apart and taking it with me camping, so after I put it back together I am going to put stakes in the ground and tie it off for extra support.
Perfect! Question: in the last picture, what is the purpose of the paracord (neon green) tied to the eye bolt?

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