Enraging Mico Zen Garden With Arduino





Introduction: Enraging Mico Zen Garden With Arduino

If you want to find your inner peace... over and over again, this might be an interesting project for you :-). Of course it is more a fun project than really useful. I just had the idea of making something like this and the execution is a little bit crude, but it works.


Things I needed to get this done:

  • Arduino (nano)
  • Servo
  • Breadboard and some wires
  • Soldering iron
  • Wooden bowl, box... etc.
  • Thin Plywood
  • Fine sand
  • and some household tools, nothing special

Step 1: Making the Lid

The box was flying around in our basement, so I just had to saw a lid from thin plywood. After I marked the center I drilled a hole and thinned the plywood a little bit to make more room for the servo. To complete this step, I just glued two pieces of scrap wood to the lid and screwed the servo onto the lid.

Step 2: Adding the Electronics

As for the arduino code I just took the example sweep code and added a delay at the beginning of the loop so that you have time to gain inner peace ;-).

For the power supply I took a 9v block and added it to a usb plug with a power switch in between, so that you can power up the "destruction feature" as you wish. For the cables to the servo I used some header terminals and soldered jumper wires to them so that the arduino can be easily taken out of the box. After everything was soldered I used some electrical tape to isolate everything.

Step 3: Making the Fork and Assembling the Box

As a tool for the micro zen garden you need some kind of fork. I made this out of scrap wood and three small nails. At first I just hammered the nails in but that made the wood split. So a pre-drilled the holes with my Dremel and that worked out fine.

A small piece of wire mesh was mounted onto the servo and so your sculpting will not last very long once the servo starts to turn ;-).

Thank you for reading and if you watch the video, you will see what this useless device does.



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    uuuuummmmmmmm.... anyone else notice the 'Enraging' in the title, as in, make you mad?

    2 replies

    or is it a typo and it means engaging mayby

    Hi HLightning11, thank you for reading. I meant enraging as you mentioned in your first post.

    Very nice! Just as a thought: using a motor for vibrating should be a) easier and b) reduce the risk of sand falling down the hole and mess the servo. Else a brilliant gift for nerds (like me) xD

    1 reply

    Thank you for reading, Thomas. You are right. I think I have a broken PS3 controller somewhere and I might try this with the rumble motors.... Thanks!

    I can't stop giggling!! So counterproductive to a mellow mood!!

    1 reply

    It is all about fun. Glad that you like it and thanks for watching ;-)

    nothing more than stirring up the sand

    I have added a link to the video in the first step. Thank you for reading!

    sorry, wasn't aware of that. I have added a link.