Ent /8 foot Tree Monster / treebeard / tree man Costume Halloween & Faire

Picture of Ent /8 foot  Tree Monster / treebeard  / tree man Costume Halloween & Faire
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This costume is good for Halloween as well a Renaissance faires.

Tolkien in Lord of the rings had tree monsters called ENTS. This is basically what you will be.

The costume will end up being about 8 feet high to the top of the leaves. Having a wrangler always helps, if you can find a friend with a less restricting costume to shoo away drunks, kids, and touchy people your life is much easier.


Items required:

Basic tools like hole punch, scissors, glue gun, nuts and bolts, carpet knife jigsaw with metal blade, drill, and all the other things anyone attempting an epic costume will already have.

Tree witch mask

Long fingered gloves

Rubber cement
Hot Glue

Several yards of textured brown vinyls or leather thicker the better (new or kill an ugly sofa)

Sports equipment: (garage sales in the summer usually 10 bucks or so each) :

hockey pants,

shin pads,

chest protector,

baseball chest protector,

baseball catchers shin pads

elbow or knee pads

Several yards of heavy electrical wire 3 phase mains the best about an inch around with large bare copper wire inside

Aluminum frame backpack preferably brown or black straps

Tree witch mask

2 artificial ficus trees

Various ivy, leaves, flowers, foiliage, moss to suit.

Small birds nest and fake bird

3 feet of corrugated black plastic pipe

Some black netting

Florist tape

Some old foam blocks from seat cushions or similar

Selection of nuts and bolts and old pop bottle plastic.

Brown and green paint, brown stain

Baggy brown pants, shirt boots


una_amor3 years ago
It is scary AND beautiful. I want to sit underneath your branches and read a book but keep my eyes on you all the same. Great Job!