Enter Machine Information Into MetalMax





Introduction: Enter Machine Information Into MetalMax

This tutoriaal will explain how to add a machine to your MetalMax database.

Step 1: Enter Your and the End User's Information

Enter your (the tap-tester) email address so you can be contacted if needed. Enter your company's name or the name of the end user if you are a reseller, where it says "Customer". If the machine has an assigned number (other than its model number) enter it under "Number". Any notes you have about the machine can be entered under "Remarks".

Step 2: Enter Machine Make and Serial Number

The Machine Name field is optional (this not where you enter the model number). Enter the Machine Tool Manufacturer’s name here or select it from the pull-down menu if it is there. Enter the Machine’s serial number here if you have it. If the Customer has a number or name for this machine that they use, enter it here. Next click on Machine Details.

Step 3: Enter Model Number

Enter the Machine Model number.

Step 4: Enter Year

Enter the Machine Model Year if you know it, otherwise leave blank.

Step 5: Enter Spindle Interface

Enter the spindle interface.

Step 6: Enter Spindle Number

The spindle number defaults to 1. If you are measuring a multi-spindle machine you would use this to distinguish between different spindles by numbering them.

Step 7: Enter Max RPM

Enter the maximum spindle speed. It may be on a decal on the machine. It will also be on the Torque/Power Curve chart.

Step 8: Enter Min RPM

The minimum spindle speed is normally zero, however some manufacturers show a minimum operating speed. We will honor that and include it on the Dashboard.

Step 9: Enter Max Power

Enter the maximum horsepower, or kilowatts. This will also be found on the Torque/Power Curve chart.

Step 10: Enter Max Torque

Enter the machine’s maximum torque in foot pounds or in newton meters. It can be found on the Torque/Power Curve chart.

Step 11: Add or Edit Torque/Power Curve

If you have the Torque/Power Curve chart, click here to enter the specific data. Refer to our TUTORIAL on Reading and Entering the Torque/Power Curve for more details.

Step 12: Enter Max Bending Moment

After entering and saving the Toque/Power Curve, you will be returned to this screen and you can enter the "Bending Moment". The Maximum Bending Moment is the drawbar force. This is usually measured with a gage during a Preventive Maintenance call. If you do not have this value, the Bending Moment gage on the Dashboard will not be accurate. It is critical on longer and heavier tool assemblies. This measurement is in either foot pounds or in newton meters. Use the pull down menu to select the unit of measure.

Step 13: Enter Max Feed Rate

The Maximum Linear Feedrate is the Maximum Cutting Feedrate, not the Rapids rate. This is critical, required data for the Dashboard to work. It is in either IPM, inches per minute, or in millimeters per minute. Use the pull down menu to choose the right unit of measure, inch or metric. Now Click OK to save the new machine data you just entered. It will become an entry in the database so you do not have to re-enter it for each new tool tapped in this machine.

Step 14: Click OK to Save to Database

Click the OK button

Step 15: Click Yes to Add to Database

Click Yes to Add to Database



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