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Introduction: Catastropha Update #3

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Hi there!
I decided to make a new update of my current ball machine Catastropha! I also made a small vid of a path. If you want to have any more close-up pics please tell and I may add them! :)



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    I like the mini helix lift. By the way, how many lifts are you using?

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    10, will add 1 more.

    Cool! What type of lift will it be?

    hehe, me neither! ;)

    Very cool! However there's one thing that nags me. Don't take it personally but i think the ball machine could look a little cleaner? If you know what I mean. There are pieces everywhere when there could be supports to make it look a little cleaner! I hope you like constructive criticism! :-D

    (BTW When you start on SSC you'll get a lot of this! ;-)

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    I get what you mean....well my ball machine isn't planned, so that happens....mabey the next one will be better. And I thought SSC was just for coasters?

    I mena you'll get a lot of crticism :-P

    so can I also add it to ssc even thought it is just for coasters?

    You can but people won't be AS interested.

    I think I'm to lazy.... :P

    lol. Are you gonna do a roller coaster after this?

    Maybe....but we first have a collab. :)

    The ball lift. Of cource if you don't want to I can do it all alone. :)

    Yeah do it alone I don't have time! :-P

    Nice! Is this still an on-going project? How long until you finish? =D

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    Yes, I'm still working on it. I don't know when it will be finished. But I'm closer to finishing than ever before (even in my feeling)! But my biggest problem is the lack of pieces.....

    Ok! Good luck finishing! =D

    hehe, thanks! :)