Catastropha Update #3





Introduction: Catastropha Update #3

Hi there!
I decided to make a new update of my current ball machine Catastropha! I also made a small vid of a path. If you want to have any more close-up pics please tell and I may add them! :)



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I like the mini helix lift. By the way, how many lifts are you using?

10, will add 1 more.

Cool! What type of lift will it be?

i cant wait to see the finished ball machine

hehe, me neither! ;)

Very cool! However there's one thing that nags me. Don't take it personally but i think the ball machine could look a little cleaner? If you know what I mean. There are pieces everywhere when there could be supports to make it look a little cleaner! I hope you like constructive criticism! :-D

(BTW When you start on SSC you'll get a lot of this! ;-)

I get what you mean....well my ball machine isn't planned, so that happens....mabey the next one will be better. And I thought SSC was just for coasters?

I mena you'll get a lot of crticism :-P

so can I also add it to ssc even thought it is just for coasters?

You can but people won't be AS interested.