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Introduction: Enterprise NX-01 Amigurumi

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I didn't write down the pattern for these Amigurumi, maybe on day I'll do it.

The bigger is shaped with a CD, the smaller (that I gave to Seti) with an old hard disk.

I know I can't win in the Amigurumi contest because I live in Italy, but I want to enter just because I like to take part in it and I like to have my works be listed with similar ones.



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    Have you tried any other models of the enterprise ,for instance, enterprise d for spot?

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    No, I didn't. But I've done Spot ;)

    I <3 it!

    Love it! Smart to use a CD to stiffen the saucer section. I crocheted the NCC-1701, I wish that I thought of that.

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    I went to see it, beautiful! To tell you the truth, I'm a trekker only since I watched Enterprise :D that's my favourite series. ;) (And Trip is my favourite character.)

    pattern for the NCC-1701A please? PLEASE? :-)

    Crochet is not my strong suit, but I have people that DO have strong yarn skills.
    And, if I give them patterns to follow and yarn, they give me back finished projects!

    That's an AWESOME idea, using a CD for the saucer section stiffener.
    Keep on hooking!

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    Pen body to stiffen the nacelles?

    No, the nacelles are soft, just stuffed. I used bended paper clip for their support.

    Oh, this is awesome - I hope you do write down the instructions someday!

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