Entryway Bench





Introduction: Entryway Bench

This is mainly here to give you a idea on how to build this.  This is not a full instructable and I do appologize for that.

I dont remember exactly how many pieces of wood i used but it was roughly
8 - pine 6ft 1x4
4- pine 6ft 1x6
1- pine 6ft 1x8
2- pine 6ft 1x2
6- oak 4x2 sheets of ply

3 packs of 2 coat hooks
3 henges
2 box of 1 1/4 screws
1 box 1/2 screws and brad nails

miter saw
circular saw
flat head screw driver
philips head screw driver
measuring tape
wood putty
cherry wood stain
sand paper
wood glue
pocket hole jig

Total cost for everything minus the tools was about $200

Step 1: Frame

Basic frame. It sits about 18in tall made with pine 1x4s and oak 1/4in ply.  I used a pocket hole jig to hide the screws to build all four sides then connected them all with screws as you can see in the picture.  I cut the curves out of the 1x4s with a jigsaw, i sketched the design on with a pencil first then cut it out.

(I forgot to take pictures prior to this because i didnt plan on making a instructable)

Step 2: Backing and Lid

It stands about 70in tall and 55in long

Tried using the staple gun to hold the sheets of ply up but that was a fail so i just used 1/2in screws for that and it worked out a lot better.

Inside i put 5 pieces of 1x2 for support and some sheets of oak ply over it.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Final touches added (stain/hooks) made this for my wife's birthday :)



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    Nice job looks great might have to steal ur idea and make one myself. Great job thanks for posting.

    You're welcome! Hope it turns out well! Thank you!

    Great looking bench - looks beautiful and perfect to me - also a wife who wants her hubby to help me make a similar bench. No birthday - just need it for a nice place to sit down when hubby gets home from wk with dirty plumber work boots. Thanks for sharing and seems more than enough info for those of us who are lucky enough to have knowledge and in my husbands case skills and expertise to create based on your instructions. Thank you again and great job. I hope she loved it!

    Thank you so much! You're my first positive comment :) i appreciate it!!! My wife loved it.

    Did you buy a kit or did you cut the boards yourself?

    I cut the boards myself blkhawk

    I cut the boards myself. I used a miter saw for most the cuts and a jigsaw for the curves

    @CementTruck I covered the screws with putty. I hear yah on the "expecting it every year" but she's been wanting one for about 3 or 4 years now so I figured that I would make it for her cheaper since the ones that I was lookin at was about $300-$400.