This instructable was created as an entry in the Esty and Instructables collaboratory Sew Useful contest. This book is constructed with twelve vintage envelopes instead of paper. That might not sound like a lot, but you need to remember you'll be filling it up with stuff. The idea is that you can fill it up with all sorts of things you want to keep safe. It has a ribbon marker and would be perfect for organizing monthly receipts, check stubs, coupons, extra money and basically any other flat objects you might want to file in an attractive manner.

Step 1: Gather you materials

You will need the following:

1. Decorative paper (18" X 24")
2. Inner paper (8.5" X 11")
3. Book cloth (9" X 12")
4. Permanent spray adhesive
5. Illustration board (9" X 12")
6. Envelopes (twelve)
7. Thread
8. Needle
9. Pin
10. Pencil
11. Bone folder
12. Craft knife
13. Metal ruler
14. Cutting mat
15. Binder clips (2 medium size, 2 large size)
16. Ribbon
17. Glue

NOTES: You can make this book as thick or as thin as you want. Feel free to use different size envelopes. You will see later in the Instructable that I derive my measurements from the envelopes I happen to be using at the time. You're all smart kids and I know you could figure it out.

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