Step 15: Adding the ribbon marker

For this step you will need your nearly completed book cover, ribbon, craft knife and glue.

With the craft knife, cut a length of ribbon that will be long enough to glue inside the cover and then to extend outside the edge of the book (picture 1). Run a bead of glue about 3" down the main spine and allow to soak the ribbon (picture 2). This will be sufficient to hold the ribbon in place after we add the inner paper in the next step.
<p>My new everything notebook.</p>
<p>漂亮!So beautiful!</p>
So cute! Definitely doing this weekend
For pro mine crafters
This is a wonderful tutorial. I did not have book fabric so I had to supplement some black electrical tape for the spine. :)http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F92/W6I6/HJUWS7AZ/F92W6I6HJUWS7AZ.THUMB.jpghttp://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FQR/P6C7/HJUWS7BR/FQRP6C7HJUWS7BR.THUMB.jpghttp://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F11/6N58/HJUWS7BV/F116N58HJUWS7BV.THUMB.jpg
Sorry about all the picture repeats. I uploaded once and it multiplied it by 5 for no apparent reason. :( <br>
i've been searching for a while now for a great gift for my best friend , i absolutely adore this !! very good job !
very very cool!
Absolutely awsome project ! I just love it and thank you so much for all the details and the photos, you are very talented !! Thanks again.
Have you tried to put a rubber band on the cover? Do you think that it might work?
It would, probably. Or an elastic of some kind. The problem I run into with rubberbands is that they degrade over time. I have an awesome book bolero from cleverhands.net that I'm using right now.
Finaly! I did it today, with a lot of alternative material that i had arround my home:<br> <br>
WOHA! that's awesome!
this looks amazing! I wonder if you could make a book with both envelopes and paper. so maybe 12 pages, then the 12 envelopes and just make the spine wider to compensate? I might try!
It's very pretty and well made. Thanks for sharing!<br><br>I've made a simpler version! Check it out here: http://twinklemama.com/2011/06/08/craft-project-easy-envelope-book/
Twinklemama's version is cute, but it won&rsquo;t hold up the way the hand bound one here will. If you want a book that will last, do the work and make this one.<br>
This is the most superb instruction list ever. How did you present it so perfectly? I will definately use this site all the time. Thank you so much for telling me how to make an envelope book.
Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it.
wow! sorry if you get offended but is there possibly and easier way to do this? I like the , everything and my time is sort of ltd. could u estimate how long it took u?
You're welcome to give it a try yourself and see if you can simplify it. This is what works for me.
Cool :3
A good trick to knowing how much thread to use is, wrap it 6 times around the &quot;bound&quot; edge. then take that length of thread and double it thru the needle. :)
&nbsp;aah great that method I was looking for&nbsp;<br /> many thanks ; )<br /> <br /> <br /> ---------------------------------------------------<br /> mm we need some smilies here &nbsp;0_o<br />
&nbsp;This is great ! Thanks so much !
where do you get those types of envelopes??
EBay!<br />
where did you get those envolopes?
Ebay! They were in a lot of vintage envelopes. I lucked out.
This is fantastic, I'm about halfway through (I just cut my spacers, though I'm going slightly out of order since I discovered my glue is missing so I haven't been able to cover the covers yet), and I'm finding the directions really really easy to follow. I used a drill press to drill my holes, since I couldn't for the life of me get the holes to work with a pin nor a hammer and nail, but other than that, I'm finding this very simple, if a tad time consuming. Thanks for the great instructions, I'll be doing this again and again! Incidentally, it makes a great gift filled with little keepsakes (I'm making one for my boyfriend, with ticket stubs and little notes and suchlike).
This is really cute, and would be a great idea to use for your cash if you use the envelope system.
What a beautfiful book, and with such great attention to detail! And the explanations are easy to follow as well, thanks a lot for this! One suggestion: although my book projects are far from beeing as beautiful as this (i am more the "if it works, it's fine type ) i find my own way of making the spacers more practical: placing thin spacers between the envelopes and then sewing the whole pack, instead of only two thick ones around the allready bound envelopes. I find handling the book way more comfortable this way, especially when there's rather much bulk, and it's easiert to make. I'm deffinitely gonna use your sewing pattern on the leather notebook i'll make today!
Very well done 'ible. Will be making one in the future. Faved+.
I love it :)
This is a <em>first rate</em> instructable. I wish they were all as well done. Clear pictures, detailed text that refers to the pictures -- and each step's text lists the items you'll need for that step. Brilliant! This should be an instructable on how to write an instructable. <br/>
Excellent instructable! Some questions: - what kind of inner paper should I buy? - What kind of glue should I use for the inner ribbon and spacers? - where can i get book cloth? any suitable alternatives. Once again thank you for the beautiful instructable. zoila
Thanks! You'll want an inner paper that is a little thicker than regular paper- maybe a 24lb rag stock. I normally just use scraps I have laying about. I use regular Elmers for the spacers and ribbon. Book cloth can be purchased at any art store, or you can make your own by ironing on sizing (buy it at fabric stores) to any sort of cloth. Cheers!
Very impressive. Thank you for putting together such a nicely detailed instructable. I think I will use this to make one of my Christmas gifts this year. Where do you find all the antique envelopes, wallpaper, etc that you use in your projects and the stuff you sell on Etsy?
Library sales, antique stores, paper stores, eBay... anywhere that I can really. Plus, a lot of people just give me stuff because they know I'll use it.
Thank you.
I am a digital scrapbooker, and you've just taught me how to make the covers for my layouts without having to buy the expensive (and boring) ones I see. Scrapbooks of all sizes - from mini to maxi - I'm excited at the prospect and can't wait to begin! My 4 year old grandson LOVES them! I can't thank you enough!
Fantastic! I look forward to making one
OH! You're repping Pittsburgh!
My significant other grew up in Mt. Lebanon; that stub is from our last visit.
This is so cool! Can't wait to try it! Great instructions.
its a very good n illustrative site.i hv got a good help from it.thanks a lot.
Hi, I'm really interested in trying this out; it'll be my second instructable to date, if I do. :D I don't have spray adhesive though; what can I use as an alternative? Also, can canvas cloth be used instead of book cloth? Hope you can reply soon! :)
You really should get the spray adhesive. It applies as an even coat and won't cause your paper to buckle. I suppose you could try thin layers of PVA or bookbinders glue, but I only ever use the spray adhesive. As for using canvas, I suppose you can. The theory of book cloth is that it has been stiffened with sizing making it easier to work with. You could make the canvas into book cloth by ironing sizing onto it. Sizing can be found at fabric stores. Since you aren't planning to use the spray adhesive though, I'd be hesitant to use the canvas straight for fear the glue might seep through. If you were to use the adhesive, you wouldn't have that problem. I wish you the best of luck!

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