Step 21: Enjoying your envelope book

Picture of Enjoying your envelope book
For this step you will need your envelope book and a lot of lovingly collected things that are flat which you want to keep in a super special way.

From here on, just fill up your envelope book with anything that fits in it. Picture 1 is an example of things I found in the junk drawer in my kitchen which I put there because I wanted to keep them and had no real place of honor for them. With this trusty book though, they now have a happy home.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. For other projects and creations, please visit my journal: [www.donovanbeeson.blogspot.com] or my Etsy shop: [www.donovanbeeson.etsy.com]

Yours in craft,
So cute! Definitely doing this weekend
Mme PiNat2 years ago
Absolutely awsome project ! I just love it and thank you so much for all the details and the photos, you are very talented !! Thanks again.
cosarara2 years ago
Have you tried to put a rubber band on the cover? Do you think that it might work?
donovanbeeson (author)  cosarara2 years ago
It would, probably. Or an elastic of some kind. The problem I run into with rubberbands is that they degrade over time. I have an awesome book bolero from cleverhands.net that I'm using right now.
WOHA! that's awesome!
wow! sorry if you get offended but is there possibly and easier way to do this? I like the , everything and my time is sort of ltd. could u estimate how long it took u?
donovanbeeson (author)  misssweetie2u4 years ago
You're welcome to give it a try yourself and see if you can simplify it. This is what works for me.
CellyOneill5 years ago
 This is great ! Thanks so much !
munchkiin885 years ago
where do you get those types of envelopes??
donovanbeeson (author)  munchkiin885 years ago
nolachic306 years ago
This is really cute, and would be a great idea to use for your cash if you use the envelope system.
1nstru6 years ago
What a beautfiful book, and with such great attention to detail! And the explanations are easy to follow as well, thanks a lot for this! One suggestion: although my book projects are far from beeing as beautiful as this (i am more the "if it works, it's fine type ) i find my own way of making the spacers more practical: placing thin spacers between the envelopes and then sewing the whole pack, instead of only two thick ones around the allready bound envelopes. I find handling the book way more comfortable this way, especially when there's rather much bulk, and it's easiert to make. I'm deffinitely gonna use your sewing pattern on the leather notebook i'll make today!
grebz6 years ago
OH! You're repping Pittsburgh!
donovanbeeson (author)  grebz6 years ago
My significant other grew up in Mt. Lebanon; that stub is from our last visit.