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Fell in love with Trader Joe's Brown Paper Bags and couldn't throw them I recycled the recycled paper into envelopes to send notes of love to my friends and family.

You can get the envelope and insert templates from Paper Source.

Steps are super simple. Cut open your bag. Trace your envelopes with your templates. Cut inserts from craft paper. Put together with double-sided tape.


sunshiine (author)2013-02-19

What a clever idea! I love them!

Thank you!

Wynd (author)2013-02-20

Really great idea! I'm totally going to make my own insert templates [have been making my own envelope templates for 17 years now], time to make inserts for all the envelopes now :D

thistleandleaves (author)Wynd2013-02-24

Awesome! I love making my own envelopes.

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