Picture of Envelope
Your homemade letter sender. Your own envelope. You will need scissors to cut the paper a little. Instead of having to give someone a plain hand-given letter, mail a surprise note to friends & family.
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Step 1: Precrease

Picture of Precrease
Fold and unfold to make a crease.

Step 2: Kite

Picture of Kite
You will have to fold the sides to the crease. Then you will have a kite. It will turn out like this:

Step 3: Fold up

Picture of Fold up
Bring the bottom point a little bit over the sides.

Step 4: Fold down

Picture of Fold down
Notice the sides. Fold the top point under the sides.

Step 5: SkinnyBones

Picture of SkinnyBones
Notice the side points. Fold the side points toward the middle points.

Step 6: Seal Away!

Picture of Seal Away!
Before you seal the envelope, put the message in the envelope(of course!). Now you have a Envelope!