Introduction: Envelopes From Waste Paper

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This is a tutorial about making envelopes from
waste paper. All you need is waste paper and
some stationery. It is fun and easy to do and
takes less than 5 minutes to make..

Step 1: Collect the Stuff

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All you need is:-
- waste paper
- pair of scissors
- glue

Step 2: Start Making Your Envelope

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Fold the paper from both the sides so that one overlaps the other and glue it.

Step 3: Next

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Cut 2cm from the bottom of front side
Now trim the corners

Step 4: Then

Picture of Then

Fold the flap and glue it to seal the envelope from the bottom
Now cut 5cm from the top of the front side and trim the corners

Step 5: Now

Picture of Now

Cut a triangle as shown in the picture
Your envelope is ready to be reused


Edbed (author)2015-06-04

Neat idea!

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