Introduction: Epic Halloween Circus Themed Party!

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We threw a massive Halloween circus party this year!

This is how we did it.

Step 1: The Creepy Clown

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I went big with the clown!

I made a huge canvas by gluing white paper to cardboard. You'll need to completely cover the back of the white paper with glue to get the best bond possible.

After that, I started painting. I looked at old school pictures of Bozo the clown for inspiration and painted this badboy freehand.

Step 2: The Circus Light Board!

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First, I ordered the light bulbs. I ordered them off of AliExpress and they are great little LED bulbs.

I made two of these light boards out of thin plywood. Those four sockets are parallel wired together and on a plug. I bought all of my electrical supplies at the home center over here in Japan.

Measuring everything out is key to perfect shapes. I used painters tape and cheapo dollar store craft paint to do these.

Step 3: The Circus Sign!

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This is also thin plywood with a nice chunky frame.

This is all freehand, but it's easier than it looks.

I used a pencil and yard stick to measure and draw out boxes to fit each letter of CIRCUS in. I used a little paint brush to paint the letters and outlined the letters with a paint marker.

I used sand paper to distress it and clear Briwax to wax it up and make it shiny.

Step 4: The Hot Air Balloons!

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These are made out of rubber dollar store balls and yarn. I have a detailed DIY here:

Step 5: Night Time!

Picture of Night Time!

Step 6: The Party!

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Here is the spread my lovely wife did!

Step 7: We Even Bottled Our Own Circus Juice!

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These were super easy to make! For more details, please check out:


KevinByrne (author)2017-11-17

Looks great! The right parts fun and creepy. :-)

Thank you very much!

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