In this instructable you will learn how to make your own set of shuko, or ninja climbing claws. these can be dangerous because they have nails in them, so please use them only for climbing. it took me a while to think up this design even though I've been thinking about making it for a while.

the materials you will need will be:

1. velcro
2. webbing with a buckle on it (see picture 2 for type of buckle.)
3. wood (I used 3/4 inch plywood but thinner would work.)
4. large-ish nails (size depends on your preference, but don't go too small.)

tools you need will be

1. staple gun
2. jigsaw
3. hammer
5. pliers
6. scissors
7. matches

note: you do not have to use these exact tools, but this makes it faster and it is what I used. Example: you could use a normal hand saw instead of a jigsaw and you could use leather instead of webbing, but you would need to find a good working buckle.

pic 4 is the type of buckle you need.

Step 1:

In this step you will be marking and cutting the main body of the claw.

get your plywood and mark 1 5/8 in. by 2 5/8 in. with your pencil. for you it may be smaller or larger, but it must fit well it the upper palm of your hand right before the bottoms of your fingers on the ridge. (pic 1)

cut it out with your jigsaw. (pic 2)

mark five dots on the upper middle part of your cut out piece. this is where the nails will go. try to make to dots equally spaced even though it's not critical. (pic 3)
you can climb succesfully up a tree, i have done it. <br>
after you get up the tree, how do you plan on getting down mr. ninja man?
have you ever climbed a tree successfully with these on <br>
Very cool!
please vote.
What else can you climbup
<p>do you use one or two climbing claw</p>
<p>thanks of idea :D. i did little different version. cool</p>

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