Epic Pallet Beer Mug





Introduction: Epic Pallet Beer Mug

I made a wooden beer mug

Check out my YT channel and

Step 1: Preparing

Cutting the pieces with angled edges and cleaning the faces

Step 2: Cutting the Slots

Cutting the slots for bottom and for rope reinforcement

Step 3: Bottom of the Mug

Cutting and gluing the bottom of mug and cutting out the circle

Step 4: Assembly

Gluing the sides and cleaning the joints

Step 5: Carving

Using the V chisel and gouge

Step 6: Charring With a Candle

Charring to give carve more depth

Step 7: Handle and Hoop

Gluing the rope, shaping and instalation of the handle

Step 8: Waterproofing

Waxing the inside of the mug

Step 9: Skål (Cheers)

Ready for feasting



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Do you have the measurements of each part? It's kinda complicated to do it without them. Thanks! Great mug by the way.....

I really don't have the measurements sorry,
You divide the 180 degrees with number of pieces you want (12 in my case). which is 180:12=15
That means you would adjust your saw to 15 degrees hope this helps :)

Are there good or specific woods to use, i dont want to use pallet wood. some day id like to make one. and is there differant methods to use to seal it then wax, or wax the best way to do it? i live close to 2 good wood shops so i can get almost any wood i need. the sealing part will be where i need to venture to a different place i suspect.

Mainly the best wood type are conifer because they are rich with resin, also the fruit trees but I have 2 mugs made by local "mug maker" and he used spruce wood.
The traditional way to seal mugs is to put bees wax which I used, but you can also put epoxy (resin) to completley seal the mug.
I think that using bees wax is best way because it gives the beverage... BEER so fantastc honey flavored taste and scent.

It looks and tastes awesome! Great job!

This is a really cool project. I especially like the tiki face.

One concern I have is with using pallet wood for food use.
(everyone's read the pallet safety instructable right? https://www.instructables.com/id/PALLET-SAFETY )

Even with HT pallets you don't know for sure what might have been spilled on the pallets in their former life. chemicals, hydraulic oil from a fork lift, etc.

One possible alternative might be wood scabs from a wood mill. You can often get them free and they're untreated.

Thank you for comment, btw the carving represent Thor`s hammer.

I am aware of pallet use, but this pallet I used was custom made only for bio food products so I am sure that is food safe.

That's pretty darn cool! I want one! Great Job!