Step 12: Finito!

Picture of Finito!
My mask came out epic. It was really light, strong, and user friendly. My paint job came out really nice and i think i did a good job of capturing the pacific northwest style. At first i made the lips solid red but then striped to look more interesting. I also made red around the eyes to make him look creepier but i didn't get as much of the cannibalism look as i was looking for.

Please don't forget to vote for me in the Halloween contest and if you have any questions at all about paper macheing and my mask feel free to ask!!
dakellymon6 years ago
Outstanding, Great mask. I have to try this. Thanks for sharing. Very nice instructions also, Well done.
Akmuo6 years ago
Awesome job Dainius! Very thourogh, nice pictures, clear instructions! Well done! How come I can't rate it five stars?!