Step 3: The mold!

Picture of The mold!
To make the mold we need to cover the whole molding surface with about a cm of clay or more. Then we need to lop on all our features. We need to smooth them to make sure they come together with one another. just like in my mask.

Make sure the anatomy and proportions are right. I just took a picture of myself making a face just like in the mask and looked off that. For this particular mask i am going for a crazy but still high jawed and proud sort of face. I put 4 jagged teeth on the top and 2 small ones on the bottom.

Once our rough version of the face is done we must smooth it into our final draft. We need to make it as smooth as we possibly, possibly can because after paper macheing its going to be very rough.
We can start shaving at it with the blade of some scissors or with a flat ended butter knife. We also can use our hands to rub it down and smooth it. Dampening the surface can help sometimes when smoothing.