Step 4: The Art of Papier Mache Preparation!

Picture of The Art of Papier Mache Preparation!
Now that we have our lovely shiny smooth mold me need to cover the whole thing as tight and as smooth as we can in plastic wrap. Try to get it in the cracks of the teeth, in between the pupil and retina of the eye, basically as detailed as we can possibly get it! Try not to have any wrinkles but if they can be pressed pretty much flat then it's okay.

Now we need to mix up our paper mache solvent. If you are using the professional stuff (which i strongly advise) the instructions are on the bottle, something like leaving it overnight until it gets thick enough but otherwise i dont know.

If you are using flour, water, and elmers glue (which is still fine) then follow these instructions: Mix about a cup of flour in with i think 1 1/2 c to 2 c water and then about half a cup of school glue all together. Beat until no clumps then prepare to get dirty!

Make sure your poor old floor will not be destroyed by the paper mache by putting out an old plastic table cloth or newspapers. Just be sure that wet pages covered in the stuff wont be sticking to it.