Step 5: The Art of Papier Mache!

Picture of The Art of Papier Mache!
Now that we have our prepared workspace we are ready for paper macheing! To do this with one sheet at a time we get a big piece of whatever material we are using,grab a handful of paper mache glop, and slop it on to the paper. We then lather it around, if the paper is not wet enough we may have to use more. We repeat with both sides. To do a two sheet thick sheet we simply press 2 lathered and ready sheets together and make sure they are aligned.

When we tear off a piece to put on the mold the 2 sheets should feel like one thicker one. I show how big each piece should be when we stick it to the mold in the picture below.

Eventually the entire mold will have to be covered 5-6 times for one sheet pieces or 3 times for two sheet pieces. For the first layer they need to overlap each-other just a little bit but too much of this can lead to lumps in our mask and too little can lead to holes in the mask.

Sometimes if loose ends of paper are sticking up, it is good to dampen your fingers in paper mache and run them along the mask. Make it as smooth as you can. If you are a beginner some of these flaws cna be sanded away in the later steps so don't kill yourself over it.