Picture of Epic-Snazzy Robot Costume
Over the years I've found that this costume never fails to spark the interest of both young and old. It's no surprise either, it's various lights, buzzers and fans (for the wearer's comfort) always make this costume a huge hit. It's also quite versatile, in the sense that it can be personalized to suit the needs and preferences of the user.
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Step 1: Materials and Components

Picture of Materials and Components
Some of the Materials used are included in the photo.
The materials required include:
- A large cardboard box (one your torso can fit within)
- A small cardboard box (one that your head can fit in, for mine, I used 2 really small boxes to make up the height of the head)
- Glossy grey spray paint
- Duct tape (the handyman's secret weapon)
- Aluminum foil tape
- 1/2" angle iron
- Four 1-1/2" x 1/8" bolts
- Eight 1/8" hexagonal nuts
- 18 gauge wire
- 18 - 22 gauge wire crimp connectors
- Various switches
- 1/8" x 1" bolts, washers and nuts
- 2 Green (or color of choice) LED Diodes
- Flash light bulb and holder
- 2 computer fans
- 1 piezo buzzer
- Clear 1/4" thick acrylic
- Various computer parts
- Flexible dryer exhaust tubing
Some small fasteners used may not be listed but are mentioned when they appear.

Step 2: Preparing the Body

Picture of Preparing the Body
Body Tape inside.jpg
body outside taped.jpg
box diagram.jpg
To start off, cut the end of the large box off, as the picture shows. Once that's done, tape up the top and bottom length-wise flaps up using duct tape, keeping the horizontal flaps inside. Once that's done, tape the horizontal flaps in place. If you are confused about the orientation of the box, direct your attention to the diagram included with this step.
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