Epic String Star Wall Decor

Picture of Epic String Star Wall Decor
2012-11-15 15.48.31.jpg
My walls have looked rather plain since my husband and I moved in a few months back, so I decided I would make some awesome decorations to go up on the walls.  I used to make these all the time back when I was in grade school, and they look REALLY awesome! 

I always get compliments on my star, people asking where I got it and such.  They are so surprised when I tell them I made it.

and it is SO EASY.

What You Will Need:

Cardboard or Foamboard
Marker / Paint (if desired)
Embroidery Floss or Other String (the gradient color-changing ones look best for this, but I didn't have any.)
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Step 1: Choose Your Backing!

Picture of Choose Your Backing!
2012-11-15 14.56.14.jpg
I chose cardboard because it was what I had on hand.  You can also use foamboard for a more polished look!

If you don't want the yucky-brown of the cardboard to be the background, color with markers (like me!) or you can paint it.

Step 2: Make a Grid

Picture of Make a Grid
2012-11-15 14.59.25.jpg
2012-11-15 15.05.33.jpg
2012-11-15 15.06.37.jpg
Flip it over to the side you want to be the back.  As you can see, I didn't color the back of mine, but you can if you want!

Take your ruler and make two lines crossing each other at the middle of your cardboard. 

Mark every 1/4" down each one of the lines, starting from the center, and make sure you have an equal number of marks on each line.

You'll get something that looks like an x-y plane plotty thing from math class.

Take your needle and poke a hole where each mark is.
jlgorra1 year ago
I used your idea to make this beautiful framework.
TheProcrastibaker (author)  jlgorra1 year ago
That is beautiful, and such a great picture! I'm glad you enjoyed my technique!
kukubee1 year ago
Realy good photos you did. Easy to understand and great result.

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