Epic Thor's Carving Mallet





Introduction: Epic Thor's Carving Mallet

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I made this awesome carving mallet out of maple and teak. This build is inspired by Thor's hammer (Mjölnir).

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Step 1: Processing the Wood

Cutting the stock to rough hammer head size and gluing it together

Step 2: Mortise and Handle

Chiseling the mortise hole to fit the handle

Step 3: Design

Transferring the design via Indigo paper

Step 4: Carving

Carving the design using the different gouges and Rotary tool

And finishing the wood with Linseed oil

Step 5: Charring With a Candle

Best trick ever ;) :D

Step 6: Cutting the Tool Holder

My Brother made the holder and I carved the serpent Jörmungandr and Tolkien runes on It "made by Moris"

Step 7: Finish

I am very happy with this build, this is definitely my greatest artwork in my opinion :P



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damn that looks gorgious, love the clear instructable and final product. _\m/

Thank you Rich :D be sure to check my videos on YT :)

Have a nice day \m/

I love the wooden comb you did and saw the alternative use of the scroll saw in the video. You sure put a lot of work in your pieces but it's worth every minute, it shows in the end results.

Great job Beautiful carving. I would like to know where you found the pattern.

Yeah I may have to snag it so I can make a G Code file out of it. See how fast my CNC machine can duplicate it here.

You need permission from the the artist who created and owns this design to use it in any way https://www.facebook.com/Knotty.Inks.Tattoo.Designs/

This is the one :)

Handle carving is my design but you have them on internet also :)


Thank you Frank, I founded it on internet but I changed it a little bit :)

This is thrillingly beautiful. I wish to make similar of a mallet already owned. could I please request full on pictures of the artwork? Please!

Thank you sir, br sure to take a look further down the comments, Ive posted a photo with design thats all I have :)