Introduction: Epic Toy Battle: Team Transformers Vs. Team Lego Men

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First off:  I've got good pictures this time!  The epic toy battle is for those great in imagination, creativity, and those who happen to have small bits and pieces of lego, paper clips, etc. lying around.  Mine is Transformers vs. Lego Men because that's what I have.  Team Lego is made up of Lego men, army men and penguins.  Team Transformers is made up of Transformers, Homestar Runner toys, and toy cars.  Your teams can be anywhere from paper clips to toy cars- get creative!

How is this Extreme?  Well, it combines creativity and imagination into warfare, and, really, I don't think there was any other time where paper clips became soldiers.

Each team takes a turn, then it's the next teams turn.  They can have blockades, vehicles and weapons.  The basic set-up can be a battlefield, maze, road, or anything you can think of.  Once a toy is knocked down, flipped over, etc. they are out.  The set-up should be only as big as a rug, unless you do combat mode in multiplayer, but we'll get into that later.  If you are playing multiplayer, if the opposing player breaks a toy, they pay for repairs and/or replacement.

Step 1: Getting Started

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Basically, the set up can be anything you want.  This game is best played with a friend, but works playing solo as well.  I will tell this as multiplayer.  Each player gathers their army and weapons, vehicles, etc. and lays them out in a small box so the opposing team does not see what they have.  As far as power of the weapons, they don't really have much power except for how well it knocks the other players army over.  For flat soldiers, have them supported by a piece of cardboard (silly bands, origami, etc.).  Weapons should be no bigger than a pencil and no wider that 1".  For pieces , you might have to scout around the house for odds and ends of things.  With a devious mind, anything can be enlisted in your army or be used as a weapon.  Slingshots can be made as long as it is mounted  and cannot be picked up (an exception to the pencil rule).

Step 2: The War Begins!

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First off, you want to make sure every member of your army is named.  Why?  It makes it seem more real and makes it more fun.  It also gives you an excuse to contact your inner child and shout things like "On your feet, Sampson!  I'm not paying you to laze around!"  Feel free to get creative with the names (some ideas are Bob, Strong Bad, and Mr. Game and Watch).  When you have it set up, establish who is evil and who is not.  Remember, Republic goes before Empire (good before evil).  First turn is just like any turn.  Use your weapon or move a group of soldiers somewhere and then it's the next turn.  NOTE:  If you move, you cannot attack until next turn.  The game is won when one side knocks down the other side's army completely.  The battle strategies are limitless; you can flank them, go straight in or take down defenses first.  Never under estimate the power of your opponent!  Always unexpect the unexpected; if your soldiers rebel, have a plan handy (hey, you never know!).

Step 3: Multiplayer Combat Mode

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Basically, what this is is the whole house is your battlefield.  It is worked best with spy cameras, etc. and RC things, but you don't have to.  This is best done at night and walkie-talkies are excellent.  Basically, what you do is you set up your army around the house with traps, barriers, etc and try to get the other persons's army.  The reason why you should use walkie talkies is because, as boring as it may seem, you have to tell the opposing team when you have made your move.  Traps could be anything from motion detectors to alert you when they are in a certain area or a web of strings.  Barricades can be inconspicuous things to hide your army in.  SPREAD OUT YOUR ARMY!  If your opponent finds the hiding spot and they are all there, it's quite obvious that they win on the spot.  You must army crawl on the ground to move around.


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