Step 2: The War Begins!

First off, you want to make sure every member of your army is named.  Why?  It makes it seem more real and makes it more fun.  It also gives you an excuse to contact your inner child and shout things like "On your feet, Sampson!  I'm not paying you to laze around!"  Feel free to get creative with the names (some ideas are Bob, Strong Bad, and Mr. Game and Watch).  When you have it set up, establish who is evil and who is not.  Remember, Republic goes before Empire (good before evil).  First turn is just like any turn.  Use your weapon or move a group of soldiers somewhere and then it's the next turn.  NOTE:  If you move, you cannot attack until next turn.  The game is won when one side knocks down the other side's army completely.  The battle strategies are limitless; you can flank them, go straight in or take down defenses first.  Never under estimate the power of your opponent!  Always unexpect the unexpected; if your soldiers rebel, have a plan handy (hey, you never know!).

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