Epic Viking Shield





Introduction: Epic Viking Shield

I made this shield... FOR ME!!!

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Step 1: Preparing

Processing the stock 8 mm thick

Gluing the panels in different pattern to make the shield stronger (criss-cross)

Cutting the circle with jigsaw

Step 2: Painting

Gluing the fabric (linen) on shield

Paint it in any color (I used acrylic paint)

Draw your design or just leave it in one or two colors :)

Step 3: Handle

Use chisel to remove quickly and then refine it with wood rasp or metal file

Step 4: Shield Boss

I bought a cheap dog bowl and my neighbour made it look more aged and more epic "Of course"

I used hydrochloric acid to achieve aged look because the bowl is stainless steel so it doesn't rust.

I made my own pins out of brass screws to attach the boss on shield.

Step 5: Additional Beauty

I used metal thumbtacks to attach the eco leather around the rim. The leather is sewed by my father :)

I also distressed the shield to match the shield boss ;)

Step 6: Try to Postpone Your Trip to Valhalla, Please!

Finished Shield :)

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Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you like it


I added some new elements and I've used different techniques.

What type of glue did you use to attach the linen?

I look forward to making one, I will need help also

My username is Epic Workshop, so you can message me there any time and I will guide you as you build one and help you anyway I can :)
Looking forward to help :)

looks great, I too am making a shield and wood axe, absolutely love the Vikings show. mine will be all wood but nice job on yours

Thank you, when you make it please send some pictures :)
Yeah I am a fan also of vikings and I also noticed that they have wooden painted shield with simple design. At first I wanted to make similar to theirs but everybody made same ones on yt so I made mine more special :) I think that you will like my next build, stay tuned ;)