Epic Wooden Sword





Introduction: Epic Wooden Sword

About: I just like to make staf xD If you want to contact me just send me massage and I will give you my email.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make epic wooden sword.

Step 1: Template

Print and cut template.

Step 2: Draw Template on Wood

Step 3: Cut Wood

Step 4: Glue Parts

Step 5: Done

Hope you like it. :-D



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    I made more but it is not ready to publish :-D

    If you used a router with a roundover bit, it would smooth the edges of the blade and grip. That would make it much nicer to hold and play with. If you don't have a router, coarse grit sandpaper and time are the answer.

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    Thanks for advice :-D

    A mouse sander would work too at rounding out the edges for the handle and even putting a slight bevel in the blade. At least faster than hand sanding.

    Thanks for advice :-D

    wow its awsome but i aint got a saw i use my carving knife only

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    Thanks :-D

    I will try :-D

    Thanks :-D