Introduction: Epic Minecraft Defence System

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Step 1: Placing the Despensers

Picture of Placing the Despensers

make a big row of despensers about 10-15 long(don't curve it like I did)

Step 2: Load 'em Up

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You need a lot of arrows and then put them in the despensers

Step 3: Making the Mechanics

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Put 2 powered rails then 1 detector rail for the length of the defence system, next, put 1 powered rail at each end with a block behond it
    (this makes the cart go back and forth).

Then, put redstone wire down to the despensers (each powers 3)

Put a redstone torch down for each 2 powered rails.


Step 4: Start It Up

Picture of Start It Up

At one end of the rails, next to the block, put a lever instead of a torch by the last powered rail (this is your on/off switch)

Put a minecart down and push it to get it going.

Now it works.

Step 5: Other Ideas

Picture of Other Ideas

Another thing you can do is place it in a giant square and put castle walls on top of it.
Then, make a circular track with the same functions.

Smaller model shown below.


sooperblooper32 (author)2013-08-02

Just use a repeater

9mvp9 (author)2011-07-15

Mind if i try to improve?

scistone (author)9mvp92011-07-20

on mine or on your own?

9mvp9 (author)scistone2011-07-21

On yours, i just take the general idea and try to make it even better.

scistone (author)9mvp92011-07-23

can you copy it and do it?

9mvp9 (author)scistone2011-07-30


scistone (author)9mvp92011-07-31

Thanks, just put me in it

9mvp9 (author)2011-06-03

I never thought of using a CART mech. LOL Nice job

scistone (author)9mvp92011-06-03

Thanks, what else can you use anyway?

9mvp9 (author)scistone2011-06-04

Erm, something simple like a REDSTONE BUTTON. LOL

scistone (author)9mvp92011-06-08

Well, yea, I thought you ment infinant. Cause a redstone torch won't work.

9mvp9 (author)scistone2011-06-09

What about the machine gun tactic, the repeater! just do the torch+repeater mechanisim

16skittles (author)9mvp92011-07-07

what about burning the torch out? you could only get a few shots in before the torch burned out. I've tested different pulsers and a 5-clock is the fastest one that doesn't burn out.

scistone (author)16skittles2011-07-12

It can burn out!?!?

scistone (author)9mvp92011-06-10


Yea, cool

place name here- (author)2011-05-23

dude never would've thought of this this is epic! :-)

Thanks (see single cannon)

I will probobly put my minecraft awesome things on an instructable.

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