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Step 1: Placing the despensers

Picture of placing the despensers
make a big row of despensers about 10-15 long(don't curve it like I did)

Step 2: Load 'em up

Picture of Load 'em up
You need a lot of arrows and then put them in the despensers

Step 3: Making the mechanics

Picture of making the mechanics

Put 2 powered rails then 1 detector rail for the length of the defence system, next, put 1 powered rail at each end with a block behond it
    (this makes the cart go back and forth).

Then, put redstone wire down to the despensers (each powers 3)

Put a redstone torch down for each 2 powered rails.


Step 4: Start it up

Picture of Start it up
At one end of the rails, next to the block, put a lever instead of a torch by the last powered rail (this is your on/off switch)

Put a minecart down and push it to get it going.

Now it works.

Step 5: Other ideas

Another thing you can do is place it in a giant square and put castle walls on top of it.
Then, make a circular track with the same functions.

Smaller model shown below.
Just use a repeater
9mvp94 years ago
Mind if i try to improve?
scistone (author)  9mvp94 years ago
on mine or on your own?
9mvp9 scistone4 years ago
On yours, i just take the general idea and try to make it even better.
scistone (author)  9mvp94 years ago
can you copy it and do it?
9mvp9 scistone4 years ago
scistone (author)  9mvp94 years ago
Thanks, just put me in it
9mvp94 years ago
I never thought of using a CART mech. LOL Nice job
scistone (author)  9mvp94 years ago
Thanks, what else can you use anyway?
9mvp9 scistone4 years ago
Erm, something simple like a REDSTONE BUTTON. LOL
scistone (author)  9mvp94 years ago
Well, yea, I thought you ment infinant. Cause a redstone torch won't work.
9mvp9 scistone4 years ago
What about the machine gun tactic, the repeater! just do the torch+repeater mechanisim

what about burning the torch out? you could only get a few shots in before the torch burned out. I've tested different pulsers and a 5-clock is the fastest one that doesn't burn out.
scistone (author)  16skittles4 years ago
It can burn out!?!?
scistone (author)  9mvp94 years ago

Yea, cool
dude never would've thought of this this is epic! :-)
scistone (author)  place name here-4 years ago
Thanks (see single cannon)

I will probobly put my minecraft awesome things on an instructable.