Instructables and Epilog Laser are happy to announce the winners of the Epilog Challenge! We asked you to show us something amazing with a green twist and the response was huge! There were so many great ideas among the 478 Instructables entered, but one in particular stood out among the rest.

The grand prize winner is user daniel_reetz, for his Instructable DIY High-Speed Book Scanner from Trash and Cheap Cameras. His Instructable carefully describes a process for making a cheap and effective book scanner. With lots of clearly labeled photos and a great video to describe the process, daniel_reetz's entry is an outstanding example of what an Instructable can be.

So congratulations to daniel_reetz and everyone else who entered the contest! It's awesome to see all the wonderful ideas generated for the Epilog Challenge. We hope they inspire some great new ideas, and wish everyone the best of luck on future projects!
DIY High-Speed Book Scanner from Trash and Cheap Cameras style
I love books. There is some truly fantastic knowledge and information hidden out there in hard to find, rare, and not commercially viable books. I find that I want my books with me everywhere. But tha...
Mechanical expanding cardboard lamp - This way up! style
I'm going to show you how I went about designing and making an really neat lamp, a lamp that is small and dim for mood lighting, and tall and bright for practical lighting. It has an internal counterw...
Desktop energy seed lamp style
Hello everyone,Today I will show you something very interesting. It is not a killing robot or skynet (not yet).It is a desktop ambiant light that use dead alkaline battery to power itself. This design...
Wind powered Composter - The Green Twist , Exactly style
This is my Epilog Laser Cutter entry so please Vote if you think the idea is unique and worth supporting.Composting is the easiest thing one can do to help your community. With a wealth of good soil...
Addressable Milk Bottles (LED Lighting + Arduino) style
Make PPE milk bottles into good looking LED lights, and use an Arduino to control them. This recycles a number of things, mainly the milk bottles, and uses a very low amount of power: the LEDs apparen...
Build a foundry and sand-cast aluminum. style
Hello instructableers, DIYers, and Internet people everywhere! Welcome to my debut instructable!!!!(Whooo, We love you Fenris! You rock! Give me your socks for my creepily obsessive collection of thin...
Press Aluminum Cans into Ceiling and Wall Tiles style
This is an experimental project that uses aluminum cans to make decorative metal tiles for ceilings or walls by cutting open the cans into flat rectangles and using a die stamp to form them. This is s...
aNtistic design style
As much as I'd like to take full credit for this idea I can not (though i can claim most of it ).and being a person of ethics .I must give credit where credit is do .I was watching discovery channel ...
Solar DS
The Nintendo DS Lite seems like it was made to have solar cells put on it. It has a large amount of surface area on the top and bottom that both face upward when the DS is opened. The top and bottom f...
RC Nerf Tank style
My first ever Instructable, yay!This was one of the more fun projects I've attempted and I'm fairly pleased with the results.Most of the parts and skills used in this project are from my fighting robo...
Charge Your Cellphone Using Wasted Heat (and Build a Steampunk Wall-E) style
We updated the instructable with a new implementation you can build without spending all that money on those expensive seebeck generators. This one uses Peltiers in reverse to generate rather than co...
Cardapult the Business Card Catapult style
After seeing the business cards with gears a few months back (normal and planetary), I started thinking about what else could be made to fit in a business card. I wanted something unique and memorable...
Recycled 55 Gallon Barrel Chair style
Today, we are going to make a surprisingly comfortable chair using only six small bolts, nuts and washers, six drywall screws, simple hand tools, a little ingenuity and a recycled 55-gallon plastic dr...
Steampunk Segway ( Legway ) style
A self balancing, human powered, steampunk styled, Segway. All you need is a brave self balancing human. This is the ultimate green vehicle for all you eco conscious steampunkers. Is that an oxymo...
down and dirty screenprinting for under 10$ style
As a seasoned printer, friends and acquaintances consistently ask me if i can print shirts, cards, etc. for them. Usually, however, they only need a few things printed at a time, and it doesn't reall...