Episode 1: Beginner Zippo Tricks





Introduction: Episode 1: Beginner Zippo Tricks

Hey, this is my first episode in what i hope to be a pretty good series on zippo tricks. You can impres your friends and family with these tricks. Hopefully as you continue watching you will notice that doing these tricks is an art in itself. Also creating your own combinations of flips spins squeezes and other tricks will be very gratifying.

This will mostly be done in the form of a video tutorial.

so here is video number one: Beginner Zippo Tricks



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"a lot of these tricks do deal with fire" haha

i can barly hear you! i have earphones on, and i still cant hear you good. were you talking quitly to hid from your parents or something?

how old are you

this was when i was 17 i think, i published it then it got unpublished then i finally riposted it recently

you look younger


nice man! cant wait for next vid :) also, your flame looked pretty big, u mite wanna shorten the wick abit

i purposely made it that big... it looks better for tricks, usually when i preform people will be more amazed if there is a very large flame produced

I would suspect that a tutorial with lighters has to do with fire...... Nice for beginners I guess.

Thanks, nice vid way more detailed than most zippo trick vids (i subscribed and am looking forward to more tricks)