Episode 10: Snail Mail Alarm




Introduction: Episode 10: Snail Mail Alarm

Are you tired of never knowing when your mail has arrived?
Well Stupid Inventions has solved the problem with our latest invention, the Mail Bell!
Be notified of your mail delivery the second it comes with the Mail Bell!



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    i'd rig it with (really really loudly) saying "thanks for the mail!,(insert mailman's name here)  !"

    true, but since its a cow i decided to go with the moo

    This might freak out some mailmen. :)

    yeah i dont think my mailman was all too happy about it.... :)

    Cool! I have been waiting for a letter, and it's quite boring to look out the window :D

    well then the Snail Mail Alarm sounds like the perfect invention for you! i dont think my mailperson is such a fan of it though....

    My daughter sells camp- firewood, and people pay using the "honour system." They simply take the number of bags of wood they need and put the money in a dish. I wonder how she could rig up something that said "Thanks! Happy camping"? Any ideas? :0) P.S. It's really heartening to realize that so many people are honest. We hear about crooks, but not often honest people. Lots of people even leave thank you notes. Once we forgot to put out the dish, and wood was gone-we found the money for the wood tucked into my kid's shoe that was at the back door :0)

    hmmm, well maybe you can use the chip in one of those Recordable Greeting Cards to record your message, and then try to rig it that putting something on the dish will activate the sound in the card...would that work? P.S. Its nice to hear that people are nice! we have something similar in the dorm where we leave a 12 pack of soda in the public fridge and anyone can take for $0.25 which is usually just enough for another 12 pack..so far its been going well... :)

    thanks! Let me know how it goes! Thanks for the patch!