Have you ever wanted to watch TV and play Video Games at the same time?

Hows about having a snack while watching TV and playing Video Games?

Well, with the Arcade Coffee Table from Stupid Inventions, you can do all that.... AT ONCE!
I think it PAC man
What game is it?
I need this!
Oh my gosh I got to have
You are so much fun! What next ?????? ;0)
thanks so much! well now that its the summer i have a lot more cool/stupid ideas on the way!
great idea. next time can we have a little more how to?
thanks! maybe ill make a full instructable, its basically a typical coffee table with a custom made black box made to fit inside and jut out to hold the controls... i have a few pics of my designs and close ups, so maybe I will upload them... Glad you liked it! please check out the rest of my Stupid Inventions (although this one isnt really an "invention")

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