Have you ever wanted to own your own Arcade Cabinet, and keep it in your room without your parents/spouse/teacher knowing?

Well we here at Stupid Inventions know how you feel, which is why we have created The Hidden Bookshelf Arcade!

Behind the fake books is a fully loaded, functional arcade!
Not only that, but behind the bottom books is a DVD library with built in DVD Drive!

This fun DIY Arcade Cabinet is a must for anyone who wants to keep his video game habit a secret!
What I would do is get actual bindings/sides of books and glue them together, so it would look WAY more authentic than the paper covering shown in the video.
that was my original idea, but since my mothers a Librarian, I just didn't have the heart to de-spine old books.... anyways, the point of Stupid Inventions isnt the executions but the original idea....at least until i get better at making things, lol thanks for watching!
You should just get some outta the trash.
agreed actally in the case of a dorm take soem of the books you want and get em spiral bound and use the covers from those
that is so cool.<br>
I want this!! I want to make this,.................its amazing!!! I would so use it!!! ^_^
i have those same robot stickers
Gotta love good ol' pac-man :D
I like the paper cover! I think it's pretty funny!!!

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