Episode 14: the Popcorn Sorter





Introduction: Episode 14: the Popcorn Sorter

Everyone loves popcorn, but what about those little unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag?

Whether you love to eat them, or wish you could put them back into the microwave...the folks here at Stupid Inventions have got you covered with the latest Stupid Invention, The Popcorn Sorter!

Just pour your freshly made bag of popcorn into the device, and watch those kernels come out of the bottom onto a separate plate!

In this instructable ill be showing you how I made this device easily from parts i found around the house, in fact the only thing I had to go out and buy was the Popcorn!

You'll need:
4x Metal Hangers
1x Piece of Cardboard
1x Plastic Bowl
1x Vibrating Motor (this might be hard to find, I got mine from an old massaging pillow)
1x 9 Volt Battery
1x Roll of Duct tape

Step 1: Preparing the Bowl

Take the plastic bowl that you'll be using an make some round holes in the bottom.
You want the holes to be big enough for the popcorn kernels to fall through, but not the popcorn pieces..

Step 2: Making the Stand

I'm sorry I didn't take better picture of this part, but I think it's pretty easy to do.
Just fold 4 hangers in half and tape them together as shown in the picture.
Use the cardboard square as the base of the Bowl Holder.
Use plenty of duct tape too!

Step 3: Adding the Motor

You're almost done!
Now place the vibrating motor into the bowl, and tape the wire to the edge of the bowl.
Make sure to leave enough wire so that the motor can jump around the bowl.

Connect the wires on the other end to the 9 Volt battery.

The motor I'm using was originally made for two AA batteries, so by using a 9 Volt it's going faster than it was made for, but thats the amount of power I need based on the motor size and the size of the bowl. You results may vary so perhaps bring along different types of batteries.

Step 4: Completeing the Popcorn Sorter

By now you should have the motor vibrating in the bowl.
Just put the bowl onto the metal hanger holder and The Popcorn Sorter is complete!

Now whenever you add a bag of popcorn into the plastic bowl, the motor will make sure all the kernels fall through the holes and into the paper plate below!

I hoped you enjoyed this instructable and please check out the rest of my Stupid Inventions.

Zachary Snyder
Stupid Inventor



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    Cool! I hate kernels, especially since they've broken my braces before D: Keep up the ... um... stupid... work..!?

    What other kind of work could you call it anyway?

    it would seem better if the moter was attatched to the side of the bowl instead of on a string so the whole bowl would shake with less noise

    yes, a few people have suggested that to me, and i may try it. Thanks!

    um ok why would u use a vibrating bullet sex toy in your popcorn bowl ...

    AMAZING!!! i just throw the kernals away, though

    vibrator on a string?

    No! It's the motor taken from an old massage pillow!