Episode 19: the Cereal Sifter




Introduction: Episode 19: the Cereal Sifter

Dont you just hate when youre pouring into your cereal bowl from the bottom of the cereal box and all that yucky cereal dust gets in?
Are you sick and tired of having to eat that powdery glob?
Wish there was an easy way to get rid of Cereal Dust, once and for all?

Well, Stupid Inventions has got you covered!
Which is why we invented The Cereal Sifter to keep your cereal dust free.



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    LOL now....invent something stupid and fast to clean up the cereal dust or I'll tell on you! Nah nah nah nah boo boo

    lol, my mom said something similar when she saw the video... I used a mini broom to clean it up, lol

    Depends on the dust for me. The stuff from Cheerios is very similar to sawdust. From Frosted Flakes, it's like pixie dust! Wooooo!

    exactly jeff-o! Frosted Flakes dust is the best... but try having the last bowl of Cap'n Crunch....blech! (it was inspired by me having to eat the last bowl of Cap'n Crunch... :( ) btw, nice profile pic, I love Freakazoid!

    Hmmm, it's probably been two decades since I've had Capt'n Crunch! I remember, because I got one of those stretch sticky hand things as a prize. It got dirty really fast.

    lol, i still remember getting on of those baking soda submarines.... good times, i thought it was sooo amazing!