Episode 28: New Years Special - the Confetti Countdown Ma





Introduction: Episode 28: New Years Special - the Confetti Countdown Ma

In order to celebrate New Years this year, we here at Stupid Inventions have created The Confetti Countdown Machine!

Just set the timer to the right time and at Midnight the machine will automatically shoot streamers!

Have a happy and healthy New Year!
From the Stupid Inventions Team.

The songs used in this video were taken from this Royalty Free Music Site: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-fr... and is under a Creative Commons License



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     come on you need to make a new vid and what happened to the "contest"?

    I know!
    I would like to have a new video up this week, but the invention wont be so great, lol.

    Basically I tried buying one of the parts at a Dollar Store and got "Scammed" so I'm going to show how I got scammed, and then show the semi-working invention...

    Hmmm, maybe next week I'll start the contest... I'm afraid of making the contest and then getting like zero entries, lol.

     Well ever since you said you were gonna have a contest ive been thinking of ideas for it. Also, from what ive seen on the comments and ratings you will get at least 50 entries, people love your work and want to join in!

    Awww thanks!
    Ok, I'm going to try and get my act together on it.

     For the contest you should have a stupid invention that everybody makes so there all making the same one so its easier to judge. Also if you have too many to choose from and you don't want to make people mad just put them in a random number generator and choose that way

    I think what im going to do is have people come up with their own inventions.
    Then, depending on the number of entries is let the viewers vote for their favorite idea..if I get a lot of entries then i'll pick my top 10 for people to vote on.. I should announce the contest on Feb 02, thats the plan anyways

     Ok, great! I look forward to another video soon =)

     What happened to February 2nd?

    Lab report was due, i'm going to try to do it over the weekend... sorry! lol